Heels and Candy

I want to cry.

I’ve typed a lot. A lot. Saved it as draft last week and now that I’m back to finish up the post and publish, the draft is nowhere to be found. Sigh.

Anyways, finally received the official wedding photos from Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures. Abang Imran (I presume he’s the founder) was such a pleasant person to work with; so flexible and easygoing from the first consultation to our wedding day itself and lastly till the collection of the photos and videos.

As promised in the previous post (which was way too long ago haha), little details such as wedding shoe, wedding favors, bunga rampai, bouquet, honeymoon will be uploaded in this post.

Wedding Shoe

I did not want to go for high heels basically cos 1) I don’t want my husband to look shorter than me, 2) I am already so tall that people compare me to a pole, wearing heels isn’t going to make it any better, 3) I noticed for most weddings that I attended, I can’t even see the bride’s shoes and 4) I want to be able to wear them out after the event. Most brides either sell them away or just keep it for memories sake?

Initially, I found this customizable wedding shoe on Carousell, wanted to get that the moment my pay is in, butttttttt found out that the exact shoe is sold at Aliexpress (my fav online store btw heh) for a cheaper price. Basically it’s a white wedding shoe and you can choose the height of the heels.

Link to the shoe store here.

All the items that I ordered from this website will reach me maximum by 2 weeks, and I was looking for my shoes one week before the big day lulz. In the end, I went to do some research online for flat wedding shoes.

Came across Pazzion’s website, scrolled through the pictures, shortlisted 4 shoes, asked for my mum’s opinion, she chose one, went to the store at JEM the next day, found the shoe, tried on, paid, wedding shoe saga done.

Presenting to you my $79 wedding shoe lulz:

Link to the shoe here.

Wedding Favors

Fell in love with pillow boxes ever since I saw it most for wedding favors posted in Pinterest. Compared prices sold in Aliexpress and from this lady selling it on Carousell. Turns out the one on Carousell is way cheaper; $220.50 for 700 pieces.

Filled up the boxes with Hershey’s Kisses. The only wholesale seller that I know of that sells these is Radha Exports. The only bad thing is that they do not have the amount that we need at their warehouse so we had to go to 3 value shops to get them. We finished up the stocks at BPP and another one at Fajar/Senja mehehe.

Oh, and because there were no halal indication on any of the packets, I managed to get in contact with the Hershey’s company via their website to do a quick clarification.

If I’m not wrong, we only started packing the chocolates in the boxes 2 or 3 days before the big day cos we didn’t really want the chocolates to stain the boxes due to the oil residue or something like that lol.

Big thanks to Kazi and Abang Izzat mainly for helping out when I’m busy at work.

Step 1: Tape 2 boxes together. (Because giving only 1 box looks kinda pathetic)


Step 2: Open up the packets!


Step 3: Segregate milk and almond chocolates


Step 4: Quality check. There were quite a number of the wrappers that’s destroyed eh. Tsk tsk. AND IT’S ONLY THE ALMONDS ONE! Dk to be upset or glad. 😐

Step 5: Tray pink = All good to be packed. lol

Step 6: Put 5 almond and 5 milk in the boxes.

Step 7: Tie up with the lace and done!

Bought the lace from People’s Park. Had to buy 3 different designs cos the one that I wanted (as shown on above picture) wasn’t enough.

Lace for favors: $127.40 for 110metres
Hershey’s Kisses: $300 for 40 packets

We did the favors in the bedroom cos we wanted to use aircon and the room smells so chocolatey that for the first time I wanted to puke from that smell.

Bunga Rampai

Again, Aliexpress for the supplies. Haha.

$69.58 for 50 pails. If you are planning to get this for your wedding or any events, do read the descriptions or ask the seller because they are either selling it in metal tins or plastic material. I almost bought the ones in plastic material (phew).


I had actually plan to re-use Kazi’s bouquet from her wedding last year, and she agreed. Yes she agreed but she went on to surprise for me a bouquet of my favourite colour woop woop

Candy Corner

Had a ball of a time at JB buying the goodies for our candy corner. Walking through aisles, grabbing and throwing whatever we want in the trolley hahaha. Total spent: RM400 = S$150.

That was the goodies. For the equipments, all were from home. My inital layout was exactly as shown below but without the 2 chocolates bottles at the 2 sides. Someone must have bought it so yay more goodies!

1) The 3 jars at the front and the 2-tier stand at the corner left are my mum’s. Hari raya punya la kan hahaha.
2) The yellow mixing bowl is mine which I use for baking.
3) The brown bag thingy at the corner right was purchased from Big Box, which was initially for our guest table.
4) The mini candy dispenser was just for decorating purposes with skittles inside AND I was told that there were some kids that seriously managed to successfully dispense some skittles 😀
5) Lastly, the 3 wooden stands are made by my dad and I simply spray-painted to brown cos it was white when he made it. After spray painting, I pasted on the lace (from Daiso) on the 3 sides of the wood. Why didn’t I paste on the back? Because don’t have enough lace hahahahhaa. The lace comes together with tape all ready on the lace, easier!

A short timelapse of me spray painting the wood stands:  here.


Couldn’t be more happier with the service given by Kak Sharifah. She goes all out to make sure that I will get what I want for the booth. I love the backdrop the most.


Just look at the backdrop (!!!!!!!!!!):

Link to the photobooth pictures  here.

Next post on some highlights of the wedding. It won’t be that late. I promise. Heh.

Bye :3

the struggle is real

Everyone has a bad habit and mine of course had to be nail biting, what else? The struggle is real, too real I tell you. Less than 2 weeks to the big day and it hurts me so deep that I have to control my movements. I do not know from where I inherited this bad habit but probably from my elder sister (hi kazi). I remember seeing her doing it years back and somehow I picked it up too.

Today, she has stopped while me, I’m still stuck here as a 23 year old biting her nails while waiting for the transport or even when I’m disposing some big rocks in the toilet. That serious….and badly disgusting.

So what’s the struggle? My nails are damn crooked cos I literally bite them every single day, without me even realising until 2 minutes into it. What even. Only few days ago, it got me thinking “I can’t possibly have the camera lens zooming in to my fingers when SDI puts the ring on my finger with my nails looking haywire right?!” Long story cut short, the struggle is basically to fight away my temptation to bite my nails until the day. Ganbatte!

What’s been done?

Disclaimer: It’s gonna be pretty lengthy since it has been so long since I last updated.

1. Candy Corner
Spent the whole of last Saturday’s evening across the border in search of goodies for our DIY candy corner. RM400 in conversion to $150 okay right! Heh. This might sound ridiculous but I am seriously aiming to at least visit the candy corner for a short while to grab a chupa chup. Lol.

2. Trays Exchange/Dulang
We bought our own stuffs and then exchange it for each other’s party to do the decoration on the trays. Total of 6 trays.

1st tray: Ted Baker Shopper Bag ($96)

2nd tray: RayBan + Kate Spade watch
Purchased the RayBan during the GSS period for $200 while I paid nothing for the KS watch because it’s a hand down or more like a recycled product haha. My sister bought it last year and she didn’t use it. i am all into saving. Can recycle, why not!

3rd tray: Baking Stuffs
This consists of 4 items; 1 hard-back recipe book which I got from Carousell for $10 (yes, used, but the condition is damn good like super brand new, yall won’t even notice lol), 1 ‘Keep Calm and Bake On’ spatula which I got from Carousell as well for $20 (not used, just a preorder), 1 apron for $11.50 (Carousell preorder too), and lastly, super colourful measuring cups from OG ($11.80 – GSS price).

SDI’s mum decided to only display the recipe book and forgo the other 3 items. A little bit upset cos I was most excited to see my super cool spatula???!!! Lol. But whatever, these are just minute details – I am more excited to bake with those lol

4th tray: Quran + Telekung + Sejadah
RM32 for the Quran from Larkin. I wanted to get the telekung and sejadah from Larkin as well but time wasn’t on our side so last resort, Geylang. I was seriously running out of time. I counted my days and I am basically free only on that particular weekend. So in the end, popped in Toko Warisan at Joo Chiat to quickly grab those 2 of similar colours. $35 for the telekung and $4 for the sejadah.

5th tray:Grey outfit
I can’t exactly remember whose deal was this, but somehow it was decided that we had to give each other an outfit of the same colour. At the same time, I can’t remember why the colour grey. All that I can recall is that I got a grey jubah for him way back in December last year at KL. (RM110)

6th tray: Ring
Ring wise, we did not buy our own. We went to the shops together, I chose what I like and he paid for it. Vice versa. Mine is from House of Hung/Jannpaul while his is from Bvlgari.

Apart from these 6 trays, my mum decided to add in another 3 consisting of food items. So we decided on 1) cake, 2) strawberries, and 3) chocolates. Cake will be from Farah Affandi whilst the strawberries and chocolates will be from NTUC lol i need to stop loling when im not even loling what even

It was only last Monday the 24th that we went to Kak Ila (IG @Ribbons&Ties) house to pass over the items and discuss what’s my theme and all those little things. If you’re looking for rustic/pelikat/super duper simple dulang decor, check her out. Is dulang decor even a term

3. Marriage Preparation Course
Personally, both SDI and I are not that great with remembering things in the long term, so we had chosen to attend the course 3 weeks before the day. Attended ours at SuChi Success (SS). Thought it would be useful for some additional knowledge, and indeed it was!

Any couples who have yet to book theirs, get from SS. It’s a 2-days 830-6 course, I really thought I was gonna fall asleep most of the times, but surprisingly not lol. They had some entertaining elements which is great cos you know the attention span of the 21st century is not that good – I still remember my findings from my FYP lol

4. FInal Fitting
With PSTBR, that is. Qee (our MUA) told me I lost weight (not surprising) and I looked much more cengkung – to my chinese friends, cengkung in simple translation: skeleton. :’) They had to re-adjust both my outfits….cos that’s how much I’ve lost weight. :/

Halfway through the session, they asked who is our photographer, told them its ‘Diziq’ and they voiced out that our maroon outfit has been featured in their videos plenty of times and if we would like to consider switching to this pink outfit. Personally, I don’t mind. Not that I like pink, but you know sometimes you come to a stage where you are just tired of doing similar things and you just go with it. I was at that stage that point of time. Asked SDI and he was obviously contemplating real hard.

They offered to let him try on the full set, he kept asking me for opinion and all I could say was “You imagine on the day all your friends and family members will be looking at you wearing this, wearing pink, would you be comfortable with them looking at you? If no, then just stick to our initial maroon”. Tap tup tap, bye pink.

Alhamdulillah, all payment done except for Diziq and Lulu Alhadad for our arab outfit. Little details such as wedding shoe, wedding favors, bunga rampai, bouquet, honeymoon will be uploaded in the next post. Those stuffs can simply be justified with pictures right :’)

Amount spent by far: $18k plus minus

Bye :3

What’s the story morning glory?

3 months or less to the big day, so it’s getting a little bit quiet here. Just wait till the 2nd last week and things will start to go haywire again.

Some updates:

Tray Exchange/Dulang – 

Honestly, I think this is simply a waste of money. It is all based on some malay tradition. Malay, not muslim. Those are 2 different things altogether. I have no idea where the tradition came from, I am actually not even sure if it is a malay tradition. But whatever.

For the past month, I have been trying so hard to scrimp and save on this particular area. So far, so good I guess. 5 out of 6 settled. Courtesy of GSS, Carousell and of course Malaysia. Lol. All that’s left is the ring. To date, amount spent for tray items: $411. I had actually set aside a budget of $1k lol dont judge I’m not even good at this

SDI and I made sure that the items we bought are the items that we really, really want at the moment just so that we aren’t forking out the money wastefully. We want it now but we have to hold it till the next 3 months…the temptation……

Engaged @ribbonsnties‘ service for the tray decoration. Mad love for their rustic designs please?!


Apart from Peti Solek as our main bridal, we rented an arab outfit with Lulu Alhadad Designs. I had a particular outfit in mind. It was so sweet and demure that I was seriously looking forward to wearing it for the big day. During our 1st meeting with Lulu herself at her house, I had a look at the outfit and honestly I was gleaming with excitement and we were told that the outfit is still available for our date so yay!

However, during the 2nd meeting with her assistant for our outfit selection, she told us that the outfit was already taken 😦 Upset but honestly, I couldn’t be bothered. Just choose another outfit lor. In all seriousness thou, I would say the first outfit I had in mind was the best I have seen from her bridal collection.

This was the outfit:


Invitation Cards

I have heard quite a few negative reviews and the downsides of trusting your cards on the hands of people across the border. I thought we would not have to face the same situation cause basically the vendor that we engaged with is at a different location than the ones with the bad reviews. Turns out, nope.

The cards are inclusive of the package offered by Gurame. The card shop is based at Danga City Mall. I had made up my own card design so all I had to do was to email them the design and they print it.

SDI on the other hand, he had to choose one of their design templates. Selected the design, receipt issued, left the shop. Now all we had to do was wait for their call to come down to collect the cards.

Long story cut short;

They emailed us the softcopy and told us to check if all information was right before they proceed for mass printing. My name was spelled wrongly on SDI’s cards. “Nurulhuda” became “Nuruhuda”, basically without the “L”. (is it only me who is reminded of L change the world :’)) We emailed them back stating the changes to be made.

After which, they replied with the amended changes. This time, the name was spelled correctly as we could see from the front cover. It was partly our mistake because we see that the front cover names are correct so we didn’t really scanned through the second page where the contents of the reception together with all the names are written.

Turns out the name on the front cover is correct while the name on second page is still misspelled. I mean, it should make sense isn’t it for both names to be the same.

FYI, it was 1000 cards. Don’t ask me why 1000 cards when our invites are 1000. Wasn’t my decision lol

Their solutions:

1) We pay extra to amend the changes and proceed with another round of printing.

2) They paste a piece of paper of the letter ‘L’ on all of the 1000 cards.

First solution was a definite no go. Second solution is just plain stupid.

You know what is most upsetting? It was the same salesperson that wrote for us the receipt and it was the same salesperson that printed our cards. She was the one who wrote our names big and clear on the receipt.

So what happened?

They liaised with Gurame directly and person-in-charge at Gurame told SDI to upfront the cash when collecting the cards and during our last meeting, he would pay him back. If I am not mistaken.

During the collection also got problem. Idk but their business is just, how do I say, like not organized? Upon collection of cards, the same salesperson can still ask us “You already have the envelopes right?” Gurllll, we returned everything back to you when the mistake happened. I mean come on la, yall don’t have a check-list meh? So annoyed just thinking back about it. Sesungguhnya aku berpuasa ya 

Any BTB out there sometimes feel like “I don’t want to get married already la, I just want to be solemnized” or am I the only one? :’)

So all is gonna be back to quiet now. Haha. I don’t intend to focus much on wedding preps on this holy month. Why stress about it now, there’s still 3 months to go.

Bye :3


Meetings one by one coming to a start. Not too sure how to feel exactly.

1) Catering

Finally settled the full payment for our venue/catering. Turns out it accumulated to $27.50 per head. I would say Gurame is very much “cheeky” in their business strategies. Why? Wait for my post after the wedding. 😕

2) Photo booth

Initially it was “See first la hor if got spare money then we take”. During the final deposit meeting with Gurame, it was “TBC”. The next day, it was “Ok confirmed”. 🙄

What I wanted from the start was the booth from One Eye Click Live (OECL). I figured they were different and unique on their own. Dropped them an e-mail and it was quite a huge sum, but I’d say it’s worth the price actually; considering the service and quality offered.

During the point when we said “TBC”, it was when we decided to source up new vendors that offers something similar to OECL but of a cheaper rate. Started off with Google and then it came down to resorting to IG with #photoboothsg.

Till right this second, I am thankful that I decided to do that because (!) I came across a vendor (id-Booth SG) that does a booth that is totally aligned with our wedding theme! 😀 I got so excited when I went to check out their FB. Their booth, I’d say it’s not like OECL BUT the decor of the booth is so so so much more creative than the other photo booth vendors out there.

You know how when you go to a wedding and the photo booth area is typically a long table that is covered with a piece of cloth and the table would be divided into 2 sections; each for the props laid down or in a box and another side would be for the guest book and the photo printer. Then, right next to the table would be the backdrop.

However, for this particular vendor that I found, they totally made full use of the long table please. Example:

How to not be in awe, you tell me?

ALSO, a typical photo booth would print out the photos in A4 size and guests would either have to pay $1 or $2 if he/she wants a copy of their own right? In this case, for the package that we are getting, our guests get to have their own copy of the photo for free. You would be thinking that that would mean more money, but actually, we find the rate to be quite reasonable.

What the both of us looks for when getting a photo booth is the photos actually. Our main objective of getting one is to make sure that the guests get to bring back a copy of their own. OECL does that while some others where you pay $350 does not, and that is because your guests would have to fork out their own dollar for the photo.

The vendor that we chose prints out unlimited sets of the photos (she told me she had even printed up to 20 copies – group photo) and best thing is, the photos are in a credit card size. 😎

At the end of the day, it comes down to how you view yourself as a guest. Personally, I had participated countless of times in a photo booth at a wedding reception, and I have never bought a single photo mainly because it is A4 sized – 1) I am lazy to buy a new frame, 2) I would just chuck it in my pile of documents.

DISCLAIMER: When I mentioned “typical”, I was referring to similar concept photo booths that I have seen and participated in the wedding receptions that I went to.

VENDOR: id-Booth SG 

3) Bridal Fitting

We had our first fitting with PSTBR.

Can I just say that I was not at all prepared…..physically. Not gonna go into details but 3 words: IT. WAS. EMBARRASSING.

That aside, I did make some homework on their IG on the types of outfits that I would like to try on. Our package consists of 2 outfits. So basically in the first hour, we had to choose a total of 4 outfits to try on and then choose the best 2 that we like.

The first 2 outfits that we chose (or I’d rather say I chose cos apparently I was told that at PSTBR, they go by the philosophy of following the bride’s choice) for the solemnization are these:

Right from the start, we wanted to avoid white. However during the appointment, I think SDI was too overwhelmed that when I asked what color he wanted for solemnization, he answered “Hmm white?” :”’)

I swear I fell in love with the white dress, but it was way too tight for me and the MUA told me that on the day itself she would style my tudung way above my chest area just because there are some beading designs there. Nope, just nope.

Put on a pitiful face trying to convince SDI to forgo the white dress and YAS SUCCESS.

Final verdict: Mint green for our solemnization. Plus, SDI got what he wanted – he will be wearing white.

The final 2 outfits that we chose:

I somehow forced SDI to choose an outfit for the final one mainly cos I have chosen the mint green, this maroon (which looks like brown here lol), and an Arab outfit from Lulu Alhadad. I felt bad for already choosing 3 so I had to force him to get involved too. He chose the purple one *barney is a dinosaur* so I just went along with it. He tried it on and he didn’t like it, and so again I went along with it. 😆

A clearer and a closer picture that is true to color:

Final verdict: Maroon for our 2nd outfit.

Bye :3

Taste Test

I am not a fan of Indonesian food. I did try ayam penyet few years back and I didn’t like it. *ayam penyet fanatics be thinking i’m crazy rn

Had our food tasting at the venue itself yesterday. I did not have any high expectations like I did for other areas of the wedding, mainly because the name of the restaurant itself has specifically indicated Indonesian. You might ask, if I do not like it then why did I choose this venue? Why did I choose Gurame?

1) We are doing a combined wedding with a total of 1000 pax. Neither a void-deck nor a CC seems big enough for us.

2) Both SDI and his mum fell in love with the place when they did a site recce, so me being me, just gopher it.

Here’s the breakdown. The initial dishes that both families chose for the food tasting:

What we finalized on:

I was honestly not ready to face the situation if Nasi Liwet were to really be served to the guests on the day, mainly because I put my guests first especially when it comes to food serving.

Firstly, I can foresee my friends not having a good time eating something they are not familiar with.

Secondly, some people don’t get the chance to attend weddings every other weekend, especially my chinese friends who only once in a while get to attend malay-muslim weddings. So I wanted to make sure that the food served is as normal as expected in other malay-muslim weddings. You know, food like nasi minyak, ayam merah, and rendang to say the least.

My thoughts on the food:

It was a-ok. Not gonna criticize nor complain as Gurame has their own set of standards that may not be on par on everyone’s taste buds. I am grateful enough that the food is edible and Gurame did their best in serving proper food to us and for our guests.

Personally, rendang > ayam merah, however it would be the other way for SDI. So, we’ve made a pact that we MUST have those 2 dishes on our wedding day LOL too much love for food.

Final payment made and concluded that it’s $27.50 per head. For those who are planning or considering to do your wedding at Gurame, please do not let this amount deter that decision 😉 This amount is based on the total pax and the dishes picked. So, it all differs. The fewer the amount of your invites, the lesser the price per head will be 🙂

Given the fact that my invites are 300, so in total my side contributed $8,250 for catering, inclusive of shuttle service and invitations. It could be inclusive of decor and dais, but we are engaging an external party for that just because my mum said the dias is “too botak” -.-

A special one-liner to my big sister and my brother in-law for offering to sponsor the decor! People offer to sponsor after so much deliberation, you must take lor LOL

Bye :3


I am addicted to Pinterest.

I created an account like few years back but it was only last year that I finally got the hang of its functions. Since then, I find myself snuggling under my covers in the dark, scrolling through the Humor category for an hour every single night before finally turning in.

It was either Humor or Food and Drinks. Those were the 2 main categories being the reason why I even logged in to the app.

Soon after, the DIY category caught my attention and I started doing a few of them and so far, I failed them all LOL. Not quite sure if it’s me that’s incapable of DIY or the instructions were really bad.

A little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to for the past week. Basically doing some crafts here and there for the big day. One of it was the wedding invitation. This in particular wasn’t from Pinterest but I took my inspirations from Zazzle. They have tons of really nice wedding invitations designs.

I actually had drafts of 4 designs before finally settling in on this. I felt bad for drafting it on their site and not purchasing it at the end, so I created my own version with the help of Lucidpress. It’s some sort like MS Publisher. I first found the site for my FYP to help me make up a brochure and newsletter, didn’t think I would ever logged into the site again after that but hayyy


Started with a search for flower garland cartoon *LOL and it all began from there. So I have elements of the garland clip art in the invitation, stickers (for the favors), and lastly on the “Tag Us” frame. Can’t really have a sneak peek of the sticker cos it’s too small but you’ll see it. Soon.

Another sneak peek; the guest table! I was so excited for this just because the idea was taken wholly from Pinterest. Again, it failed.

I wanted to have a huge mason jar with the chalkboard by the side, also with the wooden tray to place the writing papers. You’ll get it if you see my 0509 board on my Pinterest. Apparently, huge mason jars are kinda difficult to find actually.

Daiso has limited sizes. I bought one but it was a tad too small and my mum mentioned that the jar opening is too small, the paper won’t fit and stuffs. Even in the usual wholesale store that I frequent, they do not have any huge mason jars. When I say huge, I meant HUGE. Also, wooden tray was kinda hard to find, due to the fact that I wanted it in this particular size and shade.

Almost wanted to give up on the ideas I had for the guest table and just give in to the norms of leaving a book and a pen on the actual day. Until….6 hours back. It’s 3am now, so 6 hours back would be 8pm? 9pm?

My maths. Terrible.

So, we went to Big Box in hopes to get my dream wooden tray. I had found a few online but it was kinda expensive with all the shipping costs from overseas. I don’t understand how Big Box gains revenue…it is so empty there.

Anyway, we found something else. Something even better. It is still in the means of my rustic theme and this is definitely way better than the initial idea from Pinterest.

There it is! Only 2 sneak peeks for the guest table for now 😉 Nope, we’re not gonna use those plastic tulips. Those are just for testing out :’) I think chalkboards are really into the wedding scene nowadays? Got mine for $5 during a Typo sale last year just for fun *basically the main reason why I have difficulties saving money, I spend too much money on things I don’t need at that point of time, especially food.

Bye :3



I used to blog. A lot. Back then in my secondary school days, blogging was the “in” thing and people would blog daily, even if it means writing down a few crappy sentences. Or maybe it’s just me.

This time round, I am making this blog as a site for me to jot down the progress for the big day. My wedding. (also to somehow help and guide those who are having plans to get hitched)

A little background for those who don’t know.

Late 2012 -> SDI and I found each other. On Twitter. Yes.
February 2013 -> We became a couple.
October 2013 -> We got engaged.

I think we are the only couple that took engagement pretty lightly cos we had zero plans. We were not having much progress with our wedding plans. We know we want to get married on either 2015 or 2016 right from the start of our relationship. But we were stuck doing nothing for so long after our engagement which I find is quite abnormal compared to other engaged couples :’)

I actually consider myself quite organized but for this one, I can tell you I was not. We got engaged on 2013, I was in my Sem 2.2, getting ready for my internship. By getting ready, I mean lepak all day all night. The first half of 2014 was occupied with my internship and I had no time for other activities cos on the only 2 off days that I get, I will be, you know, lepak. So that’s that. The remaining half of 2014 was my final year and the projects were suicidal. If any member of #teamsloth is reading this now, hi.

Now, 2015. Only 2 days ago that I started panicking, thinking about the minor details, making orders for stuffs here and there. Only 2 days ago that I realized it is 5 months into the wedding. Throughout 2014, people close to me been asking me how am I feeling and all I answered was “Nothing lor, still far away”. Today, I regretted saying that. Somehow.

It’s true when people say that you know your own self the best. I am a last minute person, which I personally view it as both good and bad. Right now, I am doing these customization on my own all in the name of giving my guests a personal touch. *Too much sem 3.3 subjects influence

Kk enough with the “little background” LOL

We will be doing a combined wedding at Gurame Indonesian Restaurant. A total of 300 invites on my side, and 700 from his side. To date, we have done a few deposits here and there. For the main items basically. And the progressions are: (do you feel like the Oscars yet)

1) Photography & Videography from DiziqVidz Motion Pictures (DVMP) – $200 deposit
Those who do not know of DVMP, you should go check out their Facebook and take a few minutes to watch 1 or 2 of their work. I fell in love the first time I saw one of their works and I knew I had to get them…..their service I mean.

2) Bridal from
– Peti Solek The Bridal Room – $660 deposit
– Lulu Alhadad – $100 deposit

3) Trays from Ribbons & Ties – $90 deposit

4) Marriage prep course from Kasih Sejati

Fret not, I will be updating this space with the total amount of the services I acquired once it has been paid fully and what not. I have a lot to say about the wedding venue but I am thinking of keeping it till the event is over cos you know, I have some negative stuffs to spill LOL #sorrynotsorry

Bye :3